Powerful Radio Signals Are Coming From a Galaxy Three Billion Light-Years Away And Information Could Be Mindblowing !

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  • For the first time in history, researchers have pinpointed a source of fast radio bursts aka FRB ,  very brief bolts of energy from space that can generate as much energy as 500 million suns.Yeah i know...Thats cool !
  • Because FRB's are only found emanating from places that are billions of light years away, understanding them could provide valuable information that could blow our minds !


The possibility of someone out there trying to communicate with us has led researchers to various efforts to analyze all sounds produced by our universe. Of all these sounds,FRBS are one of the most amazing types. A more recent discovery is FRBs, or cosmic whistles are flashes of energy that exist for a few milliseconds at a time but can generate as much energy as 500 mil. suns !

To date, less than 20  FRBs have been picked up, but scientists didn’t quite know where they came from until now !

Using a global network of the most powerful telescopes in the world, a team of astronomers managed to pinpoint the location of one of the sources of these unusual signals from space. 


Credits: Danielle Futselaar

The radio signal in question is called FRB 121102, and it was first discovered two years ago by Shami Chatterjee of Cornell University’s Department of Astronomy and his colleagues. 

They where able to locate the source of FRB 121102 using powerful satellites.The team dedicated all 27 of the 82-foot-wide satellite dishes at New Mexico’s Very Large Array radio observatory to this mission. After six months, the team managed to generate nine images of FRB 121102. Next, they used the powerful Gemini optical telescope to narrow the source of FRB to a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away.


Credits: Gemini Observatory/Aura/NRC


The most interesting things about FRBs is that we have yet to discover any within our own galaxy. Because they only seem to emanate from places far far away, Chatterjee believes that understanding the phenomenon of FRBs can help us learn a lot more about the univers past.

“One possibility is that it has something to do with the evolution of the universe,” 

“It’s something that happened three billion years in the past, when the universe was slightly different than it is today. That’s weird. It was going on three billion years ago, but not three million years ago?”


In any case further study is required, and as more information comes to light, we will learn more about our universe !


Credit: https://futurism.com